9th February 2021

FCA compliance using the ACL integration within Mentor Dealer Management Systems

We are very excited to announce the new release of FCA compliance using the ACL integration within Mentor Dealer Management Systems. This is a game changer for franchise dealers and second hand vehicle dealers. This new integration safeguards businesses, as FCA compliance procedures are part of the Mentor system, salespeople cannot miss out stages in compliance or process the deal without recording the information needed, in the right order. Sales managers and customers will also appreciate that the process is now much quicker. No need to log in and out to a different system, with a different password and no double keying of information either.

Being an appointed representative member of Automotive Compliance Ltd, helps companies to adhere to FCA compliance and protects dealers, but this integration goes even further. It ensures that for every vehicle certain procedures must take place, or the sales person cannot go to the next step of the sale.

“We are very pleased with the new ACL integration within Mentor, it saves time as our salespeople don’t have to rekey customer information and keep going in and out of different systems. It safeguards our business throughout the different stages of the sale, from quote to handover.” stated Peter Ambrose, Managing Director, Peter Ambrose (Castleford) Ltd

“This new integration ensures that dealers are fully compliant in the reselling of financial and insurance products, as no parts of the process can be forgotten or take place in the wrong order. Salespeople and customers also appreciate how much quicker this process is, as the information needed is part of the Mentor DMS, there is no need to keep going in and out of a system, with different passwords, and customer information only has to be keyed in once.” said Danny Palmer, Managing Director, Mentor Dealer Management Systems & Palmers Motor Group

“We are very excited about our integration partnership with Mentor Dealer Management Systems. This cuts down on time and potential errors in double keying customer information for sales departments. Most importantly it gives senior management the comfort of greater oversight of their FCA procedures which under the SM&CR regime they can now be held personally responsible for. Let us not forget the customer who benefits from a transparent process, receiving the correct up to date information in a timely manner enabling them to make a truly informed decision. Genuinely a win-win for all stakeholders.” stated Paul Guy, Co-Founder Director, Automotive Compliance Ltd

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