27th February 2020

Accounts Module - Sales and Purchase Ledger Email

We have expanded the Email facility in the Sales ledger to include the ability to email invoices to a Customer, Account or Account contact email address.  This update allows for any posting to a sales ledger account that has a document associated, for example Service and POS invoices to be emailed to either a customer record OR main account contact OR sub account contact OR a system user. Email Sales Ledger Invoices Locate the transaction on the account you wish to email to a recipient and reprint the document (1) Select the Email button to email the document (2)                                               In the Email Screen there are three Contact Types Account - the main account email address and any account contacts loaded User - A user account email within the system Custom - Any email address can be manually entered Use the dropdown list to select the contact to send the email to                                         Once the correct contact has been selected, enter any details into he email body and select the Email button

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14th February 2020

Marketing- Email Upload Facility

We have recently added the facility to upload emails supplied from third party suppliers such as manufacturer portals or marketing companies. This email upload allows the zip file supplied containing the HTML code and the image files to be directly uploaded into the Mentor letter editor. The new Email template upload is available to all users that have access to the letter/email templates menu option in the marketing module. How do I use this new Email upload facility? Save the Email Zip file to your computer. Open the Letter/Email Templates in the Mentor Marketing module and select 'Add Template'. Select the Upload button and browse to the Email Zip file you saved to your computer. When the file has completed uploading select the apply button. Your email template will now display in the letter editor. Minor character display issues can be corrected directly in the letter editor. Complete the usual steps to name the template, set the branch access, add the merge hash(#) codes, add custom links to the images in the template and enable email tracking as required. New Upload Button in Letter editor  Browse to the Email Zip file location    Note: The email up-loader attempts to correct HTML coding differences between different programs. It may be necessary to attempt the upload several times and un-tick the Code Page Corrections and/or Convert to inline CSS boxes until the best displayed result is achieved by the email upload programme.                               Finished Product  

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3rd February 2020

Accounts Module - Purchase Ledger - Credit

A new feature has been added into the Accounts module to allow for the quick crediting of Purchase Ledger Invoices. The credit button reverses the selected PL invoice allowing for the correction of mistakes or processing reversals of PL invoices. A credited PL invoice can be re-processed and re-invoiced again.      

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3rd February 2020

Banking Reconciliation - Statement Balance

An Update was released to all systems in December to allow for the bank statement balance to be entered into the banking reconciliation. This statement balance then calculates the difference between the last reconciliation and the bank nominal account to display a difference balance. The difference balance will update live as you are reconciling the  banking transactions giving the user a live total of the remaining difference to match to the statement balance. Additional updates to this screen include renaming the Debit and Credit columns to Receipts and Payments for greater transparency to users.

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31st January 2020

Sales Homescreen - Daily Activities

A New Sales home screen has been developed for sales module users displaying daily activities and the most recent enquiries and deals. This user focused home screen displays your daily activities split by type (Appointments, Handovers, and All Activities) activities can be viewed and completed directly from the home screen, as each activity is completed it is marked by a green tick. The second addition to the sales home screen is display of the users most recent enquiries and deals. This screen is designed to allow the user to quickly return to those customers they have recently loaded onto the system or marked as a deal, activities can be completed and loaded from this home screen as well.  

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17th December 2019

Mentor Releases new VW hub integration to our Clients

Our programmers here at Automotive Innovations have been hard at work the last 3 months working alongside VW UK to integrate and roll out the new VW lead hub.  We are especially proud to announce that Mentor CRM/LMS is one of the first products in the UK to become VW compliant and release the new hub integration to our clients. The new VW hub is an upgrade on its predecessor allowing for the effective management of leads between VW UK and its dealers. Mentor is now accepting these new leads from VW systems and returning the followup data to the manufacturer.  All CRM/LMS providers to will need to provide access to this new VW Lead hub within their systems. Mentor is leading the pack to provide our customers with class leading manufacturer compliant systems as standard.  If you know of a VW dealer who would benefit from a Mentor CRM system why not contact our sales team on 01923 604 105.

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29th November 2019

Mentor Integrates with DealTrak

Automotive Innovations is proud to announce a new integration partner, DealTrak. This new and exciting partnership connects the power of DealTrak's F&I system to your Mentor customers allowing for quick and easy one-click submission of customer, Vehicle and Finance details from Mentor directly into the DealTrak portal, eliminating the need to re-enter data. About DealTrak: DealTrak is a software platform dedicated to connecting the automotive Finance and Insurance sector. Bringing together motor dealers, lenders, finance brokers and VAP providers into one efficient and compliant platform. With more lender integrations than any other platform, DealTrak are the original and leading F&I platform for car dealerships and brokers. For more information about DealTark click here For more information regarding the DealTrak Integration and how you can connect your Mentor system please contact our helpdesk on 01923 604105 or email help@mentorsystems.co.uk

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