17th December 2019

Mentor Releases new VW hub integration to our Clients

Our programmers here at Automotive Innovations have been hard at work the last 3 months working alongside VW UK to integrate and roll out the new VW lead hub.  We are especially proud to announce that Mentor CRM/LMS is one of the first products in the UK to become VW compliant and release the new hub integration to our clients. The new VW hub is an upgrade on its predecessor allowing for the effective management of leads between VW UK and its dealers. Mentor is now accepting these new leads from VW systems and returning the followup data to the manufacturer.  All CRM/LMS providers to will need to provide access to this new VW Lead hub within their systems. Mentor is leading the pack to provide our customers with class leading manufacturer compliant systems as standard.  If you know of a VW dealer who would benefit from a Mentor CRM system why not contact our sales team on 01923 604 105.

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29th November 2019

Mentor Integrates with DealTrak

Automotive Innovations is proud to announce a new integration partner, DealTrak. This new and exciting partnership connects the power of DealTrak's F&I system to your Mentor customers allowing for quick and easy one-click submission of customer, Vehicle and Finance details from Mentor directly into the DealTrak portal, eliminating the need to re-enter data. About DealTrak: DealTrak is a software platform dedicated to connecting the automotive Finance and Insurance sector. Bringing together motor dealers, lenders, finance brokers and VAP providers into one efficient and compliant platform. With more lender integrations than any other platform, DealTrak are the original and leading F&I platform for car dealerships and brokers. For more information about DealTark click here For more information regarding the DealTrak Integration and how you can connect your Mentor system please contact our helpdesk on 01923 604105 or email help@mentorsystems.co.uk

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21st October 2019

AM Live 2019

Automotive Innovations are excited to be returning to the AM Live Show on the 7th November at the Birmingham NEC.  This Year we are showcasing our Mentor DMS products for vehicle dealers and workshops, we hope that you can stop by stand D52 to talk to our product experts and discover the right Mentor product for your business. We are particularly excited to attend the industry leading seminars to keep up to date on the changing trends in the automotive retail space.  As the UK’s leading event for motor retailers, the exhibition is a must-attend for those looking to discover the latest technology and solutions that will help shape the future of automotive retailing. Visitors will have the opportunity to connect with the full range of suppliers to motor retail, learn and share industry best practices, and discuss how to prepare for the future of motor retail. You can see the leading exhibitors we will be showcasing alongside here. Click here to visit the event website and secure your complimentary place. We look forward to seeing you there.

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17th September 2019

Customer Contact Preferences

In response to GDPR GDPR regulations have been in effect for over a year now and Mentor is committed to ensuring that our dealers remain in control of their data and maximise the performance of their data whilst still remaining compliant. Mentor received major updates to enable our customers to meet the GDPR requirements and we built upon our already strong customer contact preference options and added the contact prefs option into Mentor. Contact Prefs  All electronic via SMS and Email communications sent from Mentor can have a customer unsubscribe link added to them. This customer specific unsubscribe link directs the recipient to a contact prefs page where they can update their notification preferences. When the recipient of a Mentor communication submits an update to their communication preferences Mentor is updated and all changes are stored in the Customer GDPR report (Sales Module - Reports - Customer GDPR report) This method ensures that the recipient of your communications has control over what notifications they receive and can opt out at any time.  Customer record selection for marketing campaigns Mentor continues to ensure that when you are building ranges for marketing purposes the customer contact preferences are taken into account. When a customer record is included in a range to be used for marketing Mentor will perform a check to ensure that a record is GDPR compliant and that the customer has opted in for the type of communication of the marketing campaign. Need Help? If you are unsure if your current emails or SMS are currently GDPR compliant or if you would like further information please contact the Mentor Helpdesk on 01923 604 105.

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17th September 2019

Campaign Wizard - Revisited

Campaign Wizard Back in 2013 we wanted to help our dealers to send marketing to their customers quickly and easily. The result of this project was the Campaign Wizard which continues to be a crucial tool and one of the most heavily used areas of Mentor. The Campaign Wizard can be used to quickly locate a range of customers who match a list of criteria and then send media to that range via Email, SMS or Letter (using UK mail services).  The major benefit of the Campaign Wizard is that it monitors the responses of your customers to the marketing sent to them, it gives real time results as to which customers have responded to the campaign, shown up in your dealership and ultimately purchased a vehicle. Updates to the Campaign Wizard in 2019 The Wizard continues to be updated and in 2019 we released a major update to allow for the tracking of emails and the monitoring of click links within emails. This enhanced tracking allows for greater visibility of the penetration of marketing media with customers. By being able to see which emails are opened and which links within an email are clicked on allows for follow up marketing or contact to those customers who have shown the greatest interest. How do I find the right customers? Great question, there are a few ways to find a range of customers. The Campaign Wizard will step you through a series of questions and your answers will filter down the customer records in your branch to those that match the answers, the result will be a range of customers you can contact.  Another method is to use the powerful 'Customer Find' option in Mentor. Within the customer find you can select from multiple options to filter the customer records in your branch, for example - Customer details, Mentor Activity, Vehicle interested/purchased or part exchange, fleet, service and finance. The resulting range can then be selected to use in the Wizard. How can I communicate with customers? The Campaign Wizard allows 4 methods of communication with customers Email - either tracked or untracked SMS - send multiple SMS communications Letter (via UK Mail Services) Activity only campaigns (set activities for your staff to contact a range of customers) Marketing media can be created by Mentor users or your marketing department, downloaded from a manufacturer marketing portal or contact the Mentor help desk and we can offer our in house marketing teams assistance and design a template for you to use. How does the Campaign Wizard know a customer has responded?  Once a campaign is running the Wizard monitors the activity occurring in Mentor. When a Mentor user adds an activity into a customer record included in the running campaign, the Wizard records the activity and attributes it to the success of the campaign. Only specific customer activity is monitored by the Wizard and these include:   Phone Call (inbound)   Appointment   Show-up   Demo   Deal   Service Booking (service campaigns only)   Service job completed (service campaigns only)  Conclusion The Campaign Wizard is a valuable asset to any dealership, it can allow you to react quickly with new offers and deals that your customers would want to take advantage of. The benefit of the reporting in the Wizard allows dealers to focus and target their efforts on those customers who respond to the marketing.  Need Help? If you would like further information about the Campaign Wizard or you would like assistance to set up a Campaign please contact the Mentor Helpdesk on 01923 604 105.

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31st July 2019

Marketing Module - Email Tracking

The Mentor Campaign Wizard has been updated and expanded to include tracking of emails. Every email sent has the option of including a unique tracking link that reports back to the Campaign Wizard when an email is opened and which links in the email are clicked. This tracking feature allows deeper measuring of your email marketing success to customers. How it works  Emails with the tracking enabled communicate back to MentorDMS when the customer opens the email. If the customer goes on to click any of the links in the email these links report back to MentorDMS and update so we know which links the customer clicked on and what they may be potentially interested in. Why is this of benefit to you? Marketing gurus tell us that the more opens and reads your emails have the more successful the campaign, but that is only half the story. A dealers true measure of a marketing campaigns success is the number of vehicles they sell. The Campaign Wizard has been measuring campaign success by the number of deals since it's introduction, but what about those customers who click and browse your website and never call your dealership? By being able to measure who clicked and which links you can follow up those customers who showed an interest in your marketing and convert that interest into appointments and deals. If you would like the email tacking enabled for your site please contact the Mentor help desk on 01923 604105   Note: Please ensure your companies GDPR statement has been reviewed and complies with the GDPR regulations relating to customer consent for email tracking.  

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24th June 2019

Sales Module - Customer Enquiry App

Mentor has added a new customer enquiry app allowing users to add a customers details to the system when they are away from their desk. How it Works The Enquiry App works on any mobile device and allows you to quickly and easily record a customers details and vehicle interested and save them to the users diary for future contact. If you are interested in enabling the enquiry app on your Mentor system please contact the Mentor help desk on 01923 604105

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