17th September 2019

Customer Contact Preferences

In response to GDPR

GDPR regulations have been in effect for over a year now and Mentor is committed to ensuring that our dealers remain in control of their data and maximise the performance of their data whilst still remaining compliant.

Mentor received major updates to enable our customers to meet the GDPR requirements and we built upon our already strong customer contact preference options and added the contact prefs option into Mentor.

Contact Prefs 

All electronic via SMS and Email communications sent from Mentor can have a customer unsubscribe link added to them. This customer specific unsubscribe link directs the recipient to a contact prefs page where they can update their notification preferences. When the recipient of a Mentor communication submits an update to their communication preferences Mentor is updated and all changes are stored in the Customer GDPR report (Sales Module - Reports - Customer GDPR report) This method ensures that the recipient of your communications has control over what notifications they receive and can opt out at any time. 

Customer record selection for marketing campaigns

Mentor continues to ensure that when you are building ranges for marketing purposes the customer contact preferences are taken into account. When a customer record is included in a range to be used for marketing Mentor will perform a check to ensure that a record is GDPR compliant and that the customer has opted in for the type of communication of the marketing campaign.

Need Help?

If you are unsure if your current emails or SMS are currently GDPR compliant or if you would like further information please contact the Mentor Helpdesk on 01923 604 105.


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