31st July 2019

Marketing Module - Email Tracking

The Mentor Campaign Wizard has been updated and expanded to include tracking of emails. Every email sent has the option of including a unique tracking link that reports back to the Campaign Wizard when an email is opened and which links in the email are clicked. This tracking feature allows deeper measuring of your email marketing success to customers.

How it works 

Emails with the tracking enabled communicate back to MentorDMS when the customer opens the email. If the customer goes on to click any of the links in the email these links report back to MentorDMS and update so we know which links the customer clicked on and what they may be potentially interested in.

Why is this of benefit to you?

Marketing gurus tell us that the more opens and reads your emails have the more successful the campaign, but that is only half the story. A dealers true measure of a marketing campaigns success is the number of vehicles they sell. The Campaign Wizard has been measuring campaign success by the number of deals since it's introduction, but what about those customers who click and browse your website and never call your dealership? By being able to measure who clicked and which links you can follow up those customers who showed an interest in your marketing and convert that interest into appointments and deals.

If you would like the email tacking enabled for your site please contact the Mentor help desk on 01923 604105  

Note: Please ensure your companies GDPR statement has been reviewed and complies with the GDPR regulations relating to customer consent for email tracking.



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