17th September 2019

Campaign Wizard - Revisited

Campaign Wizard

Back in 2013 we wanted to help our dealers to send marketing to their customers quickly and easily. The result of this project was the Campaign Wizard which continues to be a crucial tool and one of the most heavily used areas of Mentor.

The Campaign Wizard can be used to quickly locate a range of customers who match a list of criteria and then send media to that range via Email, SMS or Letter (using UK mail services). 

The major benefit of the Campaign Wizard is that it monitors the responses of your customers to the marketing sent to them, it gives real time results as to which customers have responded to the campaign, shown up in your dealership and ultimately purchased a vehicle.

Updates to the Campaign Wizard in 2019

The Wizard continues to be updated and in 2019 we released a major update to allow for the tracking of emails and the monitoring of click links within emails. This enhanced tracking allows for greater visibility of the penetration of marketing media with customers. By being able to see which emails are opened and which links within an email are clicked on allows for follow up marketing or contact to those customers who have shown the greatest interest.

How do I find the right customers?

Great question, there are a few ways to find a range of customers. The Campaign Wizard will step you through a series of questions and your answers will filter down the customer records in your branch to those that match the answers, the result will be a range of customers you can contact. 

Another method is to use the powerful 'Customer Find' option in Mentor. Within the customer find you can select from multiple options to filter the customer records in your branch, for example - Customer details, Mentor Activity, Vehicle interested/purchased or part exchange, fleet, service and finance. The resulting range can then be selected to use in the Wizard.

How can I communicate with customers?

The Campaign Wizard allows 4 methods of communication with customers

  1. Email - either tracked or untracked
  2. SMS - send multiple SMS communications
  3. Letter (via UK Mail Services)
  4. Activity only campaigns (set activities for your staff to contact a range of customers)

Marketing media can be created by Mentor users or your marketing department, downloaded from a manufacturer marketing portal or contact the Mentor help desk and we can offer our in house marketing teams assistance and design a template for you to use.

How does the Campaign Wizard know a customer has responded? 

Once a campaign is running the Wizard monitors the activity occurring in Mentor. When a Mentor user adds an activity into a customer record included in the running campaign, the Wizard records the activity and attributes it to the success of the campaign.

Only specific customer activity is monitored by the Wizard and these include:

  •   Phone Call (inbound)
  •   Appointment
  •   Show-up
  •   Demo
  •   Deal
  •   Service Booking (service campaigns only)
  •   Service job completed (service campaigns only)


The Campaign Wizard is a valuable asset to any dealership, it can allow you to react quickly with new offers and deals that your customers would want to take advantage of. The benefit of the reporting in the Wizard allows dealers to focus and target their efforts on those customers who respond to the marketing. 

Need Help?

If you would like further information about the Campaign Wizard or you would like assistance to set up a Campaign please contact the Mentor Helpdesk on 01923 604 105.


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