Sales Managers Planner

Giving your sales managers an up to the minute overview of all sales leads and activities is vital to your business. With the Sales Managers Planner your managers no longer have to dig through various spreadsheets, emails and databases, all the information they need is in one place. New leads, repeat customers, demos, the latest sales activities and deals are displayed in one location. The information is driven directly from the sales teams activities, ensuring that the data is updated instantly, allowing managers to make informed decisions at the earliest opportunity. The Sales Managers Planner is designed to easily keep track of all customer enquiries and activities that happen at your branch as well as tracking customers historic activities anywhere anytime.

Proposals & Car Order Forms

Mentor comes with all the familiar facilities you would expect from a modern CRM system, sales proposals, Demands & Needs, FCA and Order forms. Proposals can be generated using the Profit Scout calculator and emailed to the customer, order forms can be raised, modified, stored and recalled at a moments notice.  All this will streamline the deal process, with the information flowing into the Sales Managers Planner this allows proposals and deals to be approved sooner and with greater accuracy, proposals can be used to populate order forms and the ability to include D&N and FSA standards into the order form ensures you meet the requirements of today marketplace.

Sales Reports

Track and monitor the performance of your company,branch and site, right down to individual sales staff. compare your opportunity to do business and sales conversion rates. Mentor has a large suite of reports to analyse your dealership from every angle to give you the data needed to sell more cars.

Some of the reports available on Mentor are:

  • Sales Report
  • Sales Trend Report
  • Model Sales Report
  • Source of Enquiry Report
  • Prospect Rating Report
  • Appointment Conversion Report
  • Demo Booking Report &
  • Manufacture Specific Reports
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