Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation involves tweaking your websites content to allow search engines to pick the key words that are important to you and your customers. The better a search engine understands the content and structure of a website the more effective it is in forwarding the correct audience and in larger numbers. SEO is achieved using several techniques, the simplest is ensuring that content is unique and well written, with focus on selected keywords.

There are many factors that allow search engines to select one site over another. Page loading speed, geographic location, time spent on a page and how engaged the audience is are some of the ways search engines score your website. We make sure that these are some of the many key points that the Mentor website system allows you to manage when creation and loading content on your website.

Analysing Website Traffic

With the use of Google Analytics you get all the features you need to know who is using your website and how. With detailed information like time spent on pages, keywords used and a lot more, you know what pages are working and what pages are failing to achieve their goals. Content changes can be tracked to see effects on traffic and audience behaviour, so you know what is making a positive impact on your site. Analytics takes the guess work out of what should be on your website and how it should be presented.

Analysing Your Website

Every website we create has Google Webmaster tools enabled allowing us to see how the structure of your website is being viewed by search engines. This helps us you decide the best way to modify your website to encourage search engines to forward the appropriate audience. Webmaster tools shows detailed reports on keyword usage and how they rank on your website. There are also tools to show any structural issues which should be addressed. Using these tools helps give you the most from your website and achieve higher search engine ranking, getting the audience to your website who will become your customers.

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