We have spent time ensuring that our product ranges work together, share data and cut down your work load. Our websites have added benefits when used in conjunction with the Mentor CRM system. Integration between the website and CRM enables sharing of vehicle data, synchronising your stock, added CSI feature and feeding website sales leads into

Sales Leads

Mentor websites allow sales leads to be created from a website enquiry. The customer is given a simple enquiry form which is sent as an email to a designated company email address and an auto response email sent to the customer. Although email is a very convenient form of communication, they can get neglected and there is no way of verifying if the email has been actioned. The advantages of pulling that lead into the CRM system is you can track responses and make sure on-line enquiries are converted to sales. As with all activities within Mentor, web sales lead activities need to be handled by the sales staff and are traceable by you and your managers. With web sales lead integration you can be sure that all website leads are dealt with appropriately and no leads are unnecessarily lost.

Website enquiries not only create sales lead activities but also create a new customer record from the information contained in the enquiry. A customer record is marked as a web lead for reporting, future reference and marketing proposes.

CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)

Knowing what your customers think of you and knowing what they want is an important part of a successful business, that can help your business grow and adapt. CSI questionnaires can be a way of gaining this insight but can be time consuming and logistically difficult to administer. By using Mentor and one of our websites you can send out CSI requests to your customers directing them to a questionnaire on your website. Once the questionnaire is complete all results are reported back into Mentor for analysis.

The questionnaire is very simple for customers to understand with each question answered by selecting an appropriate happy, sad or satisfied face icon. Questions can be configured to your requirements giving you full control of your CSI.

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