To ensure your business is performing to its best, Mentor comes with a large selection of reports and benchmarking tools. Each report giving insight into a specific area of your business, helping you fine tune and avoid potential problems, maximising your business potential.


Mentor suite of reports will assist your business analysis helping you get the most from your company and staff. With multiple reports for sales, service and vehicles to name just a few, you have all the tools you need to steer your business to success. also comes with manufacturer specific reports including EGM and Peugeot Collection Report keeping you manufacturer compliant. reports can be used to spot trends allowing you to plan your marketing and maximising sales. Determine how you are performing compared to previous years and analysing staff targets and achievements. reports will take the guess work out of running your business and base your decisions on facts.

Data Export allows much of its data to be exported into an MS Excel compatible format to manipulate the data further using familiar tools. With a click of a button you can download the selected data and import directly in Excel. Useful for creating presentations, custom reports or just to ponder over the figures.

Benchmarks benchmarking will allow you to compare your business against company targets, industry standards and previous years figures. Benchmarking will help you analyse the state of your business, assess  progress and allow you to spot downturns avoiding losses which may otherwise be missed. Many of reports include benchmarking, indicating on the report how your current figures compare to your selected targets.

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