Customer Management

Customer Management

Mentor customer management allows you to store all customer data in a single location, this allows you to search, recall, edit and use the data. Customer data can be found using a comprehensive search allowing you to query customer details and related data from names and addresses to car interested or purchased and service history. Mentor allows you to effectively use your customer data within marketing campaigns and other forms of correspondence and used in conjunction with the search facilities is an extremely powerful marketing tool.

Customer Data

Customer data is central to your business therefore we have spent time ensuring you can manage and use that data effectively. Mentor ensures the correct fields are available to enter customer details and provides facilities to record related data such as vehicle interested, vehicle purchased and part exchange vehicles. The customers full service history can be recorded including active service plans. At the heart of customer management is the activity system recording how your staff interact with your customers and assigning activities for customer follow-ups.


At the heart of Mentor is the Activity System ensuring your customer data is being used to its full potential. Each activity prompts your sales staff follow up your customers, be it for a hot lead, a courtesy call after a deal or to confirm if they are in the market for a new car. Every completed activity creates a new future activity helping to increase customer retention and sales.

Data De-duplication

However hard you try to keep your customer data clean and concise there are times when duplicate records will be entered. Although cannot stop your staff from entering duplicate customer data, it can warn when potential duplicate records are being created. Users can amend and merge  records if a duplicate record is found preventing fragmented customer records and countless hours searching through bad data.


Ensuring you have high quality, up to date, customer data is only of real use if you can find the data you are looking for when you need it. For that reason we have created a comprehensive search facility to find the customer or range of customers you are looking for. You will be able to search on most customer details and related data with the ability to create more complex queries to ensure you get the exact data you are looking for, quickly and effectively, but most of all with ease.

Once you have found the range of customers you are looking for the search can be saved for future use, by yourself or shared with other users, saving you and your team time. Saved search ranges can be used in varies parts of from campaigns and marketing to service reminders and reporting.

Reception Log

Every customer is important and is a potential sale, especially if the customer makes initial contact. With our Reception Log your front line staff have the opportunity to capture new customers details, record the event and pass the customer on to a sales person in a form of an activity. In this way every event is recorded, no leads are lost and the customer will be followed up.

Data Protection & Contact Preferences

Every one of your customers are unique with their own preferences and tastes. To ensure your marketing and customer communication works to its full potential you need to interact with your customers in a way that is suitable to them. With our data protection and contact preferences you won't be annoying your customers unnecessarily. If a customer prefers text message rather than phone calls that is what they should get. Approaching your customers in their desired media makes them more willing to engage and in turn buy.

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