Customer Communication

Customer Communication

Mentor helps staff keep in touch with your customers allowing then to communicate quickly and effectively. Several communication media options are available to help meet the individual customer's requirements and preferences. All media can be designed, created and sent directly from within Mentor without the need to consult third party services. You select when the media is sent and where the media is destined for and the rest is dealt with by Mentor.


The media designer is very simple to use with all of the features you would expect from an letter and email editor. Giving you the tools to design and brand your letters and emails to stand out from the crowd. Media can be sent to either a single customer or a group of your chose giving you the flexibility to use the media how you want, combined with the ability to save, modify and reuse your media when required this is a very powerful and comprehensive part of Mentor.


Creating and sending letters from Mentor is as simple as creating and sending an email. No need to print letters, stuff envelopes, lick stamps, use franking machines or even a trip to the post office, just create and send. Giving you more time to concentrate on the important things, creating the content.

Using our Partner UK Mail nationwide services a full colour double sided A4 letter starts from around 50 pence *, less then the cost of a first class stamp, you get your letters printed and delivered. Saving you money on toner, paper, envelopes and stamps but most of all time.


SMS is a very cost effective and direct way of contacting and marketing to your customers, and a great way of getting an instant response if used as a call to action.

SMS messages can be created and sent directly from Mentor giving you the benefit of sending a message directly to a single customer or to a group of customers as part of a campaign. As with letters you select when to send the message and to who and deals with the rest. SMS replies are fed back into Mentor and available to your sales staff giving further opportunity to engage with the customer . With an inbuilt SMS un-subscription process customers are excluded from campaigns for a customisable period of time. Avoiding annoyed customers from unsolicited contact.


Measuring your marketing campaign success can be a hit and miss affair. Marketing companies can tell you how many emails were delivered, opened or bounced back but this does not directly translate in a successful campaign. At Mentor we believe the best measure of a marketing campaign success is a sale. Mentor Campaign Wizard selects the best customers based on your criteria and communicates via your selected media method, once running, the Campaign Wizard monitors those customers who have responded and the method of response giving you results right down to the sales directly attributed to the campaign.

When SMS media is used in conjunction with the Campaign Wizard Mentor SMS responses from customer are fed back into Mentor. This help see a correlation between how your campaign was perceived by the customer and the success of your campaign.

Every media sent through Mentor has the option of creating a follow-up activity assigned to sales staff . You can have the confidence that your staff will follow-up your customers after the media has been delivered.

* UK Mail services and charges are subject to review and charges may change dependant on current costs and the media used. Please contact us for the current price list. 

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