Cloud Based

Cloud Based

Mentor is a cloud based system accessed via a web browser with global access. Hosted offsite making it more convenient for you, with no software upgrades, no server maintenance or backup and security worries.


As Mentor is hosted off your site you don't have any hardware to look after, we maintain software updates ensuring you are always on the latest version and enjoy the benefits of our new developments. You always have the latest version of Mentor, with the latest features, running on hardware that is constantly monitored and maintained by us.


The data you enter into Mentor is backed-up at regular intervals so you can work and be assured your customer data is always safe and available to you when required. Saving you gigabytes of storage space, money on hardware and time on maintenance.


All server and software security issues are handled by us applying the latest security patches and software updates keeping your data safe, secure and always available. We use data encryption and secure servers where sensitive data is being transferred and stored keeping your data safe from prying eyes.

Global Access

As Mentor is hosted in the cloud it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that you can use Mentor when commuting, from abroad or any other time you may be away from your office on a range of devices.

Cost Effective

Costs are reduced compared to traditional software in several key areas. No need for purchasing additional hardware, servers and storage with reduced need for IT support for hardware and  software installation, maintenance and upgrades.

Hassle free

As seen above we take all of the chores out of running Mentor and you just get the benefits of using the software, hassle free.

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