Software Development

Software Development

Streamlining your business processes cannot always be achieved using off-the-shelve software and may need to be specifically developed, and tailored for your requirements.

Using our extensive experience in software development and automotive industry knowledge we can help provide you with the systems to streamline your business processes. By analysing your business needs we can help find the best and most cost effective solutions.

By automating repetitive processes and providing facilities to access data quickly and efficiently you can increase productivity and reduce overall business running costs giving you a lead against your competitors.

We can even help to move your current business processes to the cloud making them globally accessible, reducing IT and hardware maintenance costs. Why maintain servers and IT staff on site when these can be taken out of your hands and dealt with by specialists, ensuring your servers and software is running efficiently.

If you have any bespoke software development needs or not sure how to proceed with your IT, contact us and we can discuss your needs and put together a plan to get your business running smother and more efficiently.

Gas Electricity Supplier

A lead management portal and customer facing website for a gas and electricity supplier. The customer facing website allows customers to compare gas and electricity prices, and find the best deal based on their current tariff. The comparison tool consists of a form where the customers last utility bill details can be entered.

Customer details are supplied to the lead management tool where staff are presented with a list of alternative suppliers and tariffs. Staff then contact the customer to discuss the alternatives and start the hand over process with facilities to record the outcome.

Call Centre Software

A call centre Intranet system which allows sales teams to manage, maintain and call customers directly from their web browser. Calls directly from the system were made possible by interfacing with the onsite telephone system. The software included a "wizard" style call script allowing sales staff to conduct and progress through the call in the correct manner. The scripts were made customisable to adapt to different sales techniques. Event buttons within the system allowed staff to record call outcomes, such as "follow up" and "call back", with ease. The reports produced from the system are used by managers to determine staff effectiveness and to refine scripts.

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